Enjoy excellent training facilities and play against quality local teams

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    Activity based unique excursions, designed to bring the most out of your tour

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    Relax in historic thermal spas and experience the buzzing nightlife of the city

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    Discover Budapest and learn about the colourful culture of Hungary

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    Tours are tailored entirely around your team’s interest

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Exciting and Fun Tours for Your Team

At Hungary4U, we are dedicated to the development of sport in Hungary and see sport tours a great way to give your team a boost generally and local sport teams some competitive practice specifically. So, with the cooperation of different Hungarian Sport Associations, we organise tours for British individuals as well as teams to visit Hungary and play against some of the local clubs and sport enthusiasts in all fields of sport.

We can guarantee your sport tour will be one of the highlights of the season. Whether it's for the senior or youth squad's big match preparation, teambuilding, tournament participation, end of season break or pre season tour, we can arrange the perfect overseas trip.

Why Hungary?
Hungary, of course, and Budapest in particular, offers visitors much more than just excellent sport facilities. As a leading tourist destination, everyone is guaranteed a great time. What could be better than soaking your post match body in one of the spectacular thermal baths, while wives and girlfriends find all the big names on so-called Fashion Street or the many magnificent boulevards. Hungary's unique and delicious wines are an ideal accompaniment to the bewildering range of dining options on offer and there's an almost endless choice of unique bars, museums, art galleries, historical monuments and stunning parks too.

Our Service
We take the hassle out of your trip by taking care of all travel arrangements from booking accommodation, transfers and sport facilities as well as organising team building excursions and offering the hospitality of local teams. The format and schedule of each tour is specifically tailored for the needs of visiting teams. Tours can be focused on relaxation or high intensity training programmes of your choice to raise competitiveness.

The in-depth knowledge of our local partners, together with our experience in organising training camps and individual sport tours, will assure you of impeccably organised and successful trips.

Hotels are carefully selected and offer excellent facilities in convenient locations, whether it is to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city or in peaceful suburb surroundings. They are excellent value for money which is due to the fact that Hungary is still located outside the Euro currency zone.

Supporting Local Teams
To ensure high standards most matches and tournaments are organised in cooperation with the relevant Hungarian Sport Associations. With your help, we sponsor locals after each tour to help maintain standard of facilities and provide extra support for youth development around the country.