Individually tailored golf tours to suite your personal requirements

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    Discover picturesque golf courses and explore the colourful culture of Hungary

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    Enjoy activity based unique excursions and thematic sightseeing tours

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    Relax in historic thermal spas and experience the buzzing nightlife of Budapest

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Why play golf in Hungary?

Hungary is still a relatively undiscovered gem for the golf enthusiasts. Located right in the middle of Central Europe, it provides a unique combination of golf, culinary pleasures and spa as well as offers ideal facilities to relax, revitalise and enjoy the peaceful nature of the country. While it is also important to mention that golf is a sport affected by the weather and in Hungary the number of playable days are 220 a year. There are several great golf courses to choose from around the country. Hungary welcomes both amateur and professional golfers in a varied natural environment.

Outside the Golf Course
Hungary, of course, and Budapest in particular, offers much more than just golf. As a leading tourist destination, visitors are guaranteed a great time. What could be better than soaking your exhausted body after a long day spent on a picturesque golf course in one of the spectacular thermal baths, while wives and girlfriends find all the big names on so-called Fashion Street or the many magnificent boulevards. Hungary's unique and delicious wines are an ideal accompaniment to the bewildering range of dining options on offer and there's an almost endless choice of bars and nightclubs, museums, art galleries, historical monuments and stunning parks too.

Our Service
We take the hassle out of your trip by taking care of all travel arrangements from booking accommodation, transfers and green fees to all add-on excursions for your trip to make your stay as eventful or relaxing as you wish. We will provide you with a dossier on the best places to visit and the best cafes/restaurants to try in Budapest during your golf tour.

Hotels are carefully selected and offer excellent facilities in convenient locations, whether it is to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city or in peaceful surroundings in the countryside next to the golf courses. They are excellent value for money which is due to the fact that Hungary is still located outside the Euro currency zone.

Please find a few conveniently located hotels near the golf courses on the right hand side, or visit our Holiday section for the full list.

What to do
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Where to stay
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