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Discover the Unique Treasures of Hungary

HUNGARY is probably best known for its spas, its vibrant capital, Budapest and for giving the world 'paprika', 'Tokaji' and 'goulash', but this small, landlocked country in Central Europe offers visitors plenty more.
Budapest is by far the most popular destination, but Hungary4U can also arrange tours to explore lesser known areas such as Lake Balaton, Lake Héviz and the traditional Great Plain, as well as popular wildlife spots such as the Bükk National Park, Lake Tisza and Lake Velence.
Beyond Budapest
Around 90 per cent of UK visitors only make it as far as Budapest, but those that venture further afield are rewarded with beautiful countryside, fantastic wildlife, quirky festivals and charming historic towns and villages.
  • Travel two hours from the capital to find stunning Lake Balaton, and close by the famous spa town of Hévíz, with its natural thermal lake. This is the largest biologically-active natural thermal lake in the world and the mineral-rich water rarely drops below 26ºC in temperature, even during the coldest winter.
  • Lake Balaton is the perfect summer playground for Hungarian's and it's also an excellent option for families looking for a great value beach holiday. It can be easily combined with a city break in Budapest and there are many lake side resorts and towns to explore, plus marked routes for hiking, cycling as well as beautiful wine regions and horse-riding through stunning scenery. In addition, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sailing, windsurfing and even wakeboarding.
  • Wildlife enthusiasts should head to either Lake Tisza or Lake Velence. Lake Tisza was created in the 1960s when the River Tisza was damned as part of the development of an irrigation system on the Great Hungarian Plain and it lies about a two hour drive east of Budapest. This extraordinary area of 127 square km offers wildlife lovers a fantastic pristine natural environment to explore. There are around 200 species of bird nesting around the lake and around 50 different types of fish making this one of the best places in Central Europe to bird watch and fish.
  • Lake Velence is one of the hidden eco-treasures of Hungary. The lake is located between Budapest (50 kms) and Lake Balaton (50 kms) and is the third largest in Hungary. The region is rich in wildlife, birdlife and plant life and much of the area is under environmental and landscape protection. It is also known as the 'lake of sunshine' due to the sun shining for an average of 2,050 hours per year. It covers an area of 26 square kms with an average depth of 1.2 metres. Reeds cover up to half of the lakes surface and provide nesting ground for some 30,000 birds, which migrate here in the spring.
Healing waters
Hungary ranks among the top five countries with the richest thermal water resources in the world and these thermal waters are available in almost 80 per cent of the regions of Hungary.
  • In terms of spas there are almost 400 registered thermal springs in 85 different locations in Hungary and the Ministry of Health has recognised the medicinal properties of 50 of the country's baths. Budapest alone offers more than 40 baths and outdoor pools where visitors can indulge in the Hungarian tradition of taking a dip – even during the winter months as the waters are usually over 30 degrees.
  • Hungary has long been known for its spas, but it is starting to place more emphasis on health tourism, utilising the curative powers of its thermal waters as well as world-class medical and dental facilities that offer a wide variety of treatments at very competitive prices. Dental and medical tourism is a growing market segment and Hungary wants to capitalise on this growth by showcasing its excellent facilities.
  • At Hungary4U, we can arrange first class dental and medical treatments in Hungary, due to the excellent relations we have developed with the very best of the local suppliers.
All in all, Hungary has a lot to offer for visitors. Whether you seek a romantic city break destination, a wildlife adventure in lesser known regions, an activity break such as golf or wine touring or a cost effective destination for a whole range of health and cosmetic treatments - Hungary is just the ticket.